It’s proven a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but I am moving – not homes, but blogs.  I don’t want to focus on reviews anymore, and I don’t want to attempt to maintain multiple blogs. I am in the process of migrating everything over to a new site –  There will still be reviews and giveaways at Self Proclaimed Nerd – there will just be more than that as well.

White it is easy to just import/export everything over, I wanted to do it a little better than that. You see I’ve learned a lot with my first sites – like I shouldn’t have a zillion categories and sometimes the junk is not worth posting even if you can make a little money or receive a free product. I’ve also discovered a lot of my pictures that I uploaded and included in posts are not showing anymore so I’m deleting those dead links.

The site is there. It is active. I’m trying to decide if I should start posting new stuff there before I have everything else organized. I probably will as I’ve had a few things lately that I’d like to write about, but wasn’t sure where to write as I’m trying to make these transitions.

The layout isn’t so pretty yet. That will be my last focus.

As of now, I’ve gone through and moved/reorganized about half of the posts from here. Once I finish here, I’m going to also be moving posts from my other sites so that everything is structured on one site.

Taking Si #DuckDynasty

Holiday Gift Guide items were provided in exchange for being featured on this site. All promotional information provided by the sponsor. All opinions are my own, uninfluenced thoughts.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 12.36.38 AMMy daughter loves Duck Dynasty. In fact she had a Duck Dynasty birthday party, and my gift to her was a trip to Monroe and West Monroe where we visited almost every place that has been featured on the show, and she is receiving several Duck Dynasty items for Christmas. Actually, she already received a few this week from family friends.

One cute gift that I can’t wait for her to open is the Duck Dynasty Talking Plush Si. I’ve seen these all over the place, and we’ve stopped and played with them several times. Si is her favorite character and hearing him say his most popular phrases (Think: “Work hard, nap hard. That’s what I always say, Jack.”is going to make him a hit on Christmas morning. If you have any Duck Dynasty fans on your list, this would make a cute gift, and it’s not too late to order it. Like I said, I’ve seen them in several stores, and he’s available from

You can also get the plushes in Willie, Jase, and Phil, and they are available in 8″ and 13″.

Gift Guide 2013: The Gift for the Techie – PadPillow #Giveaway

Holiday Gift Guide items were provided in exchange for being featured on Southern Girl Reviews. All promotional information provided by the sponsor. All opinions are my own, uninfluenced thoughts.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.35.10 PMWhat do you get the guy who has everything? That’s the problem I face each year with my Dad. He is a techie (yes, I got it naturally), and while he’s not “rich,” he’s comfortable enough that he buys himself anything he wants that would be in my price range. So every year I wait until the last minute (yep – there’s only 6 days until Christmas and I’m still looking to finish out his gifts) because I just don’t know what to get. I mean, yes, every year, he gets the obligatory granddaughter picture, and he and my mom now expect calendars with grandkid pictures each year (YIKES! I haven’t finished those either). But after that, I just don’t know.

This year, I’m happy that I’ve found one thing I know he’ll enjoy – the PadPillow. What is the PadPillow? It’s a Pillow Stand for the iPad (though it would work with any tablet as I’ve tested it out on an iPad, Toshiba Thrive, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2).  My dad spends time each evening in his recliner with his tablet so I thought he would really enjoy this. He also reads books on his tablet so this will allow him to totally relax while he is surfing the Internet or reading the latest bestseller. You might even be able to use it for an actual book (I haven’t tried it, but I don’t know why not).

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.45.44 PM

The PadPillow is basically a pillow that folds into a triangle-like shape to hold your tablet up in a nice viewable angle so that you can be hands free. It’s the perfect size for just a tablet or a tablet and keyboard. I like that it’s soft. Other stands I’ve seen are harder and not so comfortable to use.

It also comes in various colors – blue, khaki, gray, green (Lemongrass), pink (Honeysuckle), and orange.

Would you like to win one? You will love it!

Can ship to addresses within the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii only. Regretfully we are currently unable to ship to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, APO, FPO, DPO, or PO Boxes.

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I Guess It’s Present Time

I never put presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. I just don’t really like them all cluttered around. Maybe it’s because I have such a small living room. My tree also almost touches the ground which means that none of them really go UNDER the tree. They go in the living room floor.  But I guess Faith had another idea. We now have all of our presents under the tree. That dang elf!


Brrr – Faith Was Cold

I guess we need to buy Faith a blanket or winter coat. You’d think coming from the North Pole she’d be ok with the cold, but it must have been a little too cool for her in the house last night. We found that she’d went through the basket of clothes waiting to be folded and pulled out all of Cameron’s shirts to make herself a bed.


Wordless Wednesday: My Daughters Moment of Fame :-)

modern oratory

A New Hat for Faith

I guess Faith thought my daughter’s Christmas hat was better than hers since we woke up to find her styling in Cameron’s Christmas hat. I think it’s just a little too big.


Faith Goes for a Ride

Not sure what she enjoyed more but Faith seemed to enjoy riding and driving my daughter’s car. Wonder which she preferred? Before getting in the shower, she was riding. After my daughter got out of the shower, she went back into the living room to find her driving the car instead.


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