Six Tips for Families to Save money

Compiled by Shooger

1. Go Green. Have your family go green and save money with CFL bulbs. They cost less and last longer, saving you money. Also, use dishes instead of disposable paper plates, cups and plastic silverware.

2. Get rid of the House Phone. Who calls your house phone, except telemarketers who ignore the “do not call” list? Cancel it and save money by erasing that extra bill.

3. Brown Bag it. Follow your kids’ lead and take your lunch to work. A week’s worth of a typical $7 lunch is about $35. A week’s worth of bread and lunchmeat is about $7. That means $35 could buy you a week of lunch, or 5 weeks’ worth!

4. 1 Day a week rule. Have your family chose one day a week to go out for a fun activity or a nice meal. You’ll save money and have 6 days of fun family time at home.

5. Rebates. Fill out that rebate card for everything including home electronics, phones and more. It may be annoying to fill out that form, but the payback is worth it.

6. Think Ahead & Buy in Bulk. Buy next year’s clothes a season ahead of time to save money. Also buy in bulk on necessities and things you know you’ll family will use, like paper towels, garbage bags and snacks.

7. Coupon Time. Make a fun activity with your family to look through the local newspaper or your mobile phone for great discounts around your town. You can get lots of coupons in your local paper, online, and some can even be mailed directly to you like sears coupons.


  1. Great advice! Most employers now provide BB’s – who needs a house phone? The biggest savings is tip #3. It is amazing how much money is wasted buying out when you can take the 5 minutes and pack.

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